Susan Northcott – Beeswax Artist

Some Background


Hello! My name is Susan Northcott, and I’m an enthusiastic Australian beeswax artist.

I am originally from NSW but I am now a proud Tasmanian. I was a fairly late arrival to the world of visual art but I’m making up for lost time and finding painting deeply enriching and satisfying.

After years of exploring various art media and techniques without really “connecting”, in England in 2003 I stumbled on an intriguing medium – coloured beeswax – and soon discovered the endless versatility and incredible beauty of wax painting, or, to use its correct title, encaustic art.

Wind Whispering II


Enchanted by to the vibrant colours and unique character of encaustic painting, I have since explored and experimented, learned and practised, and have held two successful solo exhibitions as well as participating in a number of group exhibitions.

I love painting abstracts, seascapes and landscapes, finding that the wax is readily adapted to the demands of each style.




Recently I have also begun to explore other media including acrylics, collage, watercolours, inks and charcoal. Now that I’ve retired from “real” work, I’m looking forward to enjoying many more years messing about in my studio, producing works that I find satisfying and that bring pleasure to others.


If you’d like to see some more of my work

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